About Us

The charming floral markets tucked in quaint villages throughout Europe served as the inspiration for Lilly’s Floral, which is conveniently located within Country Mart in Branson.

Lilly’s purchases flowers both from the mountains of South America as well as Sonoma, California. Flowers sold under the Lilly’s green striped awning must be of the highest quality, exhibiting larger blooms that open slower, have richer petal colors, and longer vase life.

Lilly’s floral designers have years of experience and provide an artistic flair to every arrangement. They take great pride in their work and enjoy helping customers choose just the right bouquet to delight that special recipient. Click here to meet them.

For more than a century, GUND® has been creating unique teddy bears and other soft toys recognized the world over for their quality and innovation. Award-winning GUND products appeal to all ages, from infants up.

All of this and more is available at Lilly's Floral.